+Report WCS Reporting System Module

Gathers, consolidates and reports information from your warehouse control system based on your needs

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An ideal way to understand what's happening in your operation based on real data, not assumptions

The +Report module helps you create accurate, data-driven reporting on your operation. You can extract exactly what's needed for reporting and other needs based on your criteria.


  • Know when picked orders reach packing and shipping. This helps you schedule labor more productively
  • This reporting helps you understand where order delays may be happening, and how you might address them by scheduling labor or through process improvements
  • Manage your second and third shift operations much more accurately with time-and-date stamped records. What happens? When does it happen? Who was involved?
  • You can set alarms for various scenarios - throughput issues, events by time, date and location
  • Reports can be downloaded to .csv files daily for retrieval and analysis. This lets your management team work based on facts and authentic performance metrics by department