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WMS: Distribution & Warehousing

WMS in distribution operations delivers productivity gains while containing costs

wms system in distribution

Managing distribution is challenging, and today's environment of cost-cutting and productivity demands make it even more difficult. Logistics professionals must manage a changing landscape that is more complex by the day.

Cisco-Eagle has partnered with HighJump WMS systems

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Highjump is an exceptionally-qualified, reliable, and financially stable vendor with thousands of installed systems and the ability to execute integrated projects at every level.

Highjump's highly-adaptable architecture empowers fast, low-cost workflow configuration that can meet your evolving needs. When you change, the system can change with you. It is designed to work with your processes, not against them. You can customize your business without immense headaches and complications, lowering the overall cost of ownership and enhancing your operation.

Distribution solutions by type:


  • ASN receipt
  • Vendor receipt
  • Unknown receipt
  • Production receipt


  • Kit component request
  • Kit picking
  • Kit completion
  • Kit teardown


  • Customer return
  • Production return

Quality control

  • QC hold and release
  • Lot control


  • Batch pick
  • Wave pick
  • Zone pick
  • Bulk pick
  • Order pick
  • Progressive pick

More Functions

  • Packing
  • Loading
  • Loading audit
  • Shipping
  • Replenishments
  • Rules-based putaway
  • Cross-docking


  • Directed movement
  • Move request

Warehouse Transfers

  • Transfer out
  • Transfer in


  • Cycle counts
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Physical

Rules-Based Directed Picking

  • FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, LEFO, pick to clean, pick to efficiency

Inventory Tracking

  • Lot control
  • Dynamic tracking of item attributes:
    • manufacturer,
    • date,
    • owner,
    • style,
    • color,
    •  size, more

Advanced warehousing

  • Labor management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Yard management
  • Slotting optimization
  • Wave planning
  • Load planning
  • Value-added services
  • Optimized container packing
  • Billing management
  • RFID compliance
  • Task interleaving
WMS life cycle'

Advanced WMS Features

In addition to the robust functionality contained within HighJump Warehouse Advantage, the system offers advanced features to further streamline warehouse operations and reduce costs.

Container Packing

With HighJump Software’s optimized container packing functionality, you can develop an efficient plan to organize the placement of items into shipping cartons—which saves significant time, packing materials, containers and shipping expenses in the picking and packing of customer orders. This functionality also empowers you to improve efficiency by selecting the number and size of cartons needed to pack orders for shipment based on each item’s dimensional cube, orientation restrictions, stacking factors, weight and compatibility with other items.


HighJump Software’s slotting and re-slotting solution optimizes the storage of goods in your warehouse to improve productivity and facility throughput. Slotting capability can provide ROI information on re-slotting of products based on picking velocity and employee costs. This functionality integrates seamlessly with HighJump Warehouse Advantage to create and maintain an efficient warehouse layout and product placement strategy that reduces travel time and streamlines material handling and space efficiency.

Wave and Load Planning

HighJump Software’s wave and load planning capability enables ultimate flexibility in releasing work to the floor. It features user-configured views of available orders for planning truckloads or pick waves, including assignment of warehouse staging locations, dock doors and shipment drop sequences. You can build a wave and then optimize within the wave for optimal load planning, or vice-versa. By optimizing the variables that are most critical to your organization, you are able to substantially decrease cycle times. Once loads or waves are planned, you have complete control over pick release staging and shipping, and can manage last-minute changes with ease.

Labor Management

The HighJump labor management solution gives you the ability to plan, measure and view labor activities within your organization to increase efficiency. Visibility tools provide realtime data on performance actuals versus standard, KPI's and utilization, which allows you to detect inefficiencies and take corrective action. You’ll also be able to reduce unproductive activity and its associated cost by tracking indirect labor.

3PL Billing Management

HighJump billing management helps ensure maximum revenue and minimal billing cycle time by enabling activity-based billing of each client according to individual contracts. Appropriate charges are automatically generated for storage of goods and any other services you perform as a logistics services provider.