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WMS for Small & Midsize Operations

The core functions of warehouse management rapidly implemented & configured at an affordable price

Customer demands on warehousing and distribution operations are the same no matter the size of your operation. Customers don't care about the size of an operation. They care about its performance; only about its performance.

Eliminating manual processes from your operation within a reasonable budget can help your company elevate its performance and drive its growth. WMS is an excellent way to do that.

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Forward-thinking small and mid-sized companies are leaving behind paper-based processes and legacy systems and turning to best-of-breed warehouse management systems to run distribution more efficiently and support growth. HighJump™ Warehouse Advantage Express is designed specifically to meet the unique challenges associated with small and mid-sized wholesale distribution operations.

Ideal for midsized companies or smaller operations

  • The warehouse management features growing businesses need
  • Affordably priced for small and mid-sized businesses
  • Built upon the same technology as our Tier 1 WMS, so you can add features to your system without the need to re-implement
  • Deployable in as few as 45 days – configured to your requirements for rapid return on investment
  • Exceptional ongoing support from HighJump Software

Grow into enterprise-level WMS

HighJump Warehouse Advantage Express delivers key warehouse management functionality with the benefits of rapid implementation and personalized configuration to fit your particular processes.

When you are ready, HighJump Software can help you easily add-on more complex warehouse management capabilities such as slotting, labor management and dock door scheduling by transitioning to HighJump's enterprise-level WMS.

HighJump Also Offers WMS in the Cloud

HighJump Software now offers its WMS in a cloud deployment model, eliminating much of the cost and administration time necessitated by installed software. With cloud computing, your WMS vendor hosts the software application and hardware infrastructure for you.  You access the WMS via a Web browser and gain the functional benefits of a new WMS without the up-front software and hardware costs coupled with IT drain.



Feature: Tracking and visibility of inbound orders

Tracking and visibility of inbound orders


  • Eliminate manual, error-prone processes by interfacing directly with your host system.

Feature: Receiving



  • Automatically validate receipts against orders, assuring inbound accuracy.

Feature: Directed put-away

Directed put-away


  • Ensure the right materials are put away in the right location, increasing inventory accuracy and reducing warehouse traffic. Materials can be put away using a variety of algorithm choices, including FIFO and LIFO.

Feature: Picking



  • Improve picking whether you pick by order, batch or label. Strengthen customer service with higher order accuracy and improve workforce productivity by minimizing time spent searching for material.

Feature: Packing/shipping



  • Coordinate packing and shipping processes to increase fill rates and cut preparation time for shipping documents and ship confirmations.

Feature: Replenishment



  • Replenish materials automatically so associates have sufficient inventory to fill orders, and short-shipped orders are minimized.

Feature: Inventory control


  • Achieve up to 99+ percent inventory accuracy, visibility and traceability.

Feature: Real-time online visibility tools

Real-time online visibility tools


  • Make strong decisions with insight into key metrics. The system captures every transaction in the warehouse and presents operational information in a meaningful, clear, Web-based manner.

Feature: Web development tool

Web development tool


  • Edit and create pages quickly and easily so users see information in the terminology and format to which they are accustomed.

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