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Storing Bar Stock, Pipe, and Other Long Heavy Loads: Comparing Cantilever Racks, Stacking Racks, and High-Density Roll-Out Racks

4 Ways to Store Heavy, Long, Tubular Loads

Especially in manufacturing, machine shops, or petroleum or chemical operations, large bundles of pipe, tubing, bar stock, or other long, heavy loads must be frequently and safely stored and picked. There are multiple ways to store these loads, and multiple ways to pick them. The choices you make will determine how you access the product (and how easily), how much space it takes, and its safety.

Automating the Packing Process: Can a Robot Really Pick Tomatoes without Making Sauce?

A Point of Automation Scenario

Imagine sorting tomatoes by size and packing them by layers into crates. That's a low-skill, labor-intensive endeavor - the kind that adds little value for either the worker or the enterprise. Over time, labor becomes more expensive, less reliable, and prone to other issues that could erode profitability and strain the entire production process. Given the mundane nature of the work, ergonomics can also become an issue due to the repetitive-motions required. During harvest season, these issues cascade.

Could this operation, done in shifts by multiple workers, be done more efficiently by machine?

Conveying and Positioning Pipe for a Cutting Operation

During an overhaul, a metal tube fabricator needed a reliable conveyor solution within its metal manufacturing operation. The tube had to be transported and centered for cutting it to various lengths. The tube was in the final stages of processing, so a heavy duty coated surface was needed to protect the finished goods. A lift gate was installed to allow operators, fork trucks, and carts to pass through the processing area.

Make Your Exterior Loading Dock Safer

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that 73% of back-up accidents would have been prevented if the pedestrian could have heard a warning signal from a back-up alarm.

At a busy loading dock where forklifts or people are working outside, an audible alarm could be  the difference in preventing an accident. Should dock personnel be between the truck and the loading dock, they have both audible and flashing strobe light alarms to warn of impending danger. This is an economical safety precaution for any operation with dock doors and the issues that come with them.

Nashville Wire Names Cisco-Eagle a Top Dealer

Nashville Wire, a leading manufacturer of high-quality wire rack decking/a>, folding wire containers, rivet shelving deck, and more has named Cisco-Eagle to its list of top 10 distributors for 2010. This is the deck we stock, by the way, and it's good stuff.