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13 Best Practices for Warehouse Efficiency

Improving your warehousing operation is complex, to say the least. You can approach it from as many angles as you want to take on. Here are 13 common sense tips that may help you decide on a direction, ranging from managerial to data collection to organization to automation. 

Mixed-Load Robotic Palletizing Application Video: Sorting and Stacking Cases of Various Sizes

In this video, a Fanuc robot is executing mixed-load palletizing of beer cases at a distribution center. The video displays the strength of a robotic operation: cases of many sizes are picked and automatically palletized to create a stable shipment.

Stop Thieves from Stripping the Copper from Your HVAC Unit

It's a common problem these days. People come to work and find expensive air conditioning units stripped for their copper components. Not only that, operations are interrupted or impaired for a day or more while the unit is being repaired or replaced. In Dallas alone, more than 130 thefts a month were reported in 2010. Happens all the time.

It can even happen to highly expensive rooftop units. How can you deter these thieves?

Get Steel Shelving Estimates - Online, in Your Browser, Instantly

We recently added a tool on our website that lets you get real-time estimates, component lists, and layout drawings for clip-style industrial steel shelving right in your browser.You can create, edit, and manipulate a shelving layout without having to put pencil to paper.  A rivet shelving configuration tool has been available on our site for years.

It's not a quoted price, since there are other factors that can contribute to a shelving project (in particular, for large projects). But it's an excellent place to get started. As always, you do not need to log in or provide any personal information to use our web tools.

Speaking of Shelving...

Easy-to-assemble SSI Shaefer industrial shelving for lean and reconfigurable applications...

We recently added a line of shelving from SSI Schaefer, one of the world leaders in material handling. This is probably the easiest shelving to assemble, move and reconfigure that I've seen. If you are in a lean environment, or one where there are many times inventory will shift or change, it's perfect because it is so highly configurable and so easy to build and rebuild. You can get it with slanted shelves or straight, and in a lot of sizes.

Handling Extremely Heavy, Bulky Rolls on Conveyor

Imagine a bulky and difficult load that weighs 12,000 pounds. That was a challenge in a recent conveyor implementation involving heavy bulk paper rolls. The conveyors had to move these rolls safely and quickly to merge with other equipment (a VRC and automated stretch-wrap machine).

The heavy-duty chain driven live roller conveyor discharges onto a roller turntable, which allows the rolls to move at 90-degree angles onto other conveyor lines.

Summertime is Coming. Is your Operation Ready?

Experts say that employee productivity increases when ambient temperatures are comfortable and plummets when they aren’t. Error rates are forced up, safety is reduced as workers fight through hot, sweaty conditions. From the dock doors to the rafters, there are measures you can take to help alleviate these issues.

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