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10 Reasons to Automate Your Industrial Operation

In the not-too-distant past, most companies that weren’t running immense distribution operations didn’t consider automation. Too expensive, they’d say.Too much risk. But that was then. Today, things are much different. Personnel, land, energy, insurance, and other costs have rocketed skyward while automation costs have stayed level or declined. Automation is practical. Maybe a necessity.

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Smart Labor Management and the Warehouse: Cut Costs, Reduce Waste, Increase Throughput

In manufacturing, warehousing, or assembly operations, people are typically the most expensive single line item. Making certain that your people are working to full potential can slash costs and improve productivity. The steps:
  • Train & Cross-Train
  • Frequently reconsider & restructure roles
  • Observe top performers and copy their methods
  • Consider motion and method studies
  • Screen temp workers like full time hires
  • Utilize technology to go ergonomic

Seegrid Automated Robotic Trucks Learn Your Layout, Deliver Pallets to Storage or Order Pickers Automatically

Unmanned, vision-guided trucks are enhanced with safety sensors for consistently safe operation. They learn multiple routes (up to 25 total miles of route information) for complete versatility. By inputting pre-planned drop-stops, selection stations, and return points, they complete a route entirely without human involvement. They slash travel time across your operation. 

Cisco-Eagle Wins GSA Contract

We were recently awarded a Schedule 56 contract for warehouse equipment ranging from conveyors to racks to wire security partitions, lifts, balancers, mezzanines, and more. We have been a provider for military and government clients for decades, but not as a schedule provider. Now, government agencies can purchase thousands of products through us on schedule.

Build Platforms, Decks, Crossovers, or Mezzanine Access Points with Erecta-Step Modular Components

Rather than fabricating from scratch, consider modular components when you need to bridge a gap, create a work platform, or cross over conveyors/pipe/machinery. You can mix & match stairs, 3'x3' platforms, handrails, ladders, and tower supports to meet most any configuration.

We can help you figure it all out, using easily-configured standard components.

Tax Credits for Propane Use End August 1, 2011

A federal tax credit that could allow forklift users to recoup 50 cents for every gallon of propane purchased runs out August 1, 2011. If you run forklifts on propane, your company should apply for this credit. To get in, you must have submitted your paperwork by the first of August.