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Summertime Links for Better Operations

Here is a list of articles about optimizing your operation for summertime heat.

Picking to Cartons vs. Picking to Totes

 In a pick-to-tote operation, you have the advantage of a dedicated packing function. Your pickers can easily pick and organize totes as they navigate the system, either on conveyor or in carts without any thought of packing the order. This means that you’ll have at least two employees (the picker and the packer) handling each order.  Those "touches" are expensive. What if you decided to pick directly to cartons, eliminating the totes and reducing or eliminating the packing group?

Robotic Bag Palletizing: The Best Way to Handle Bags

Bag palletizing is simpler and easier than case palletizing for a number of reasons. First, bags are pretty much made for robotic effectors to handle. Their soft, malleable nature makes layering them easier than cartons. Typically, bags can be palletized using a number of standard (not custom) tools. They're heavy and difficult to handle manually, as well, making them an ideal load for a point of automation.

Avoid Truck-Dock Collisions with Inexpensive Reflectors

Loading dock reflectors safely guide trucks into your dock, helping truckers avoid damaging and dangerous collisions with your building or dock. They reflect sunlight or brake lights to help drivers see the dock edge better, even in low visibility conditions. They don't require electrical power, nor any bulbs to burn out like dock guide lights. Your loading dock gets safer and easier to maneuver, and installation takes only a few minutes.

Dissecting the Slip & Fall Accident

As long as businesses have existed, one of the most common and costly threats to a workplace safety program has been the slip and fall accident. This is particularly true in manufacturing operations, where oily or slick floors combine with rapid operational speeds, noise, and concrete floors. In warehousing, people carrying or pushing loads, or who stand all day are also susceptible. Understanding how these accidents occur may help you prevent them in your operation, and also help you avoid litigation in the event of an accident. 

Controlled Substances Storage & Security

When it comes to storing controlled substances, in particular prescription drugs, the warehouse and bulk storage aspects are important for pharmaceutical, hospital central supply warehouses, or retail outlets. This is an area where many people who should not have access to medication may find easier opportunities for pilferage. The FDA offers some guidelines on how to operate securely, and within regulations. State licensing laws will typically reflect the minimum Federal requirements, but may exceed those, when it comes to the storage and handling of prescription drugs.