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Management to Operations: If Productivity is the Goal, You Need to Prove it Dollar-by-Dollar

Very few operations of any size rely completely on muscle, clipboards, carts, and spreadsheets these days. Automation, at least in designated areas, has come into its own for most operations. But do you need to radically change your operation (and spend the capital that comes with that change) to boost warehouse productivity? And if you do, how can you sell the improvements to people who need to see a dollar figure attached to everything?

Video: Robotic Picking Systems

High speed pick & place systems can automate the repetitive, difficult tasks in operations, packaging, case fills, and other material handling applications.

With modern vision systems, conveyor tracking technology, and precise, agile robots that can pick & place at rates up to 200 per minute, it's becoming increasingly clear that a robotic solution must be considered for fast, repetitive operations.

How to Specify a Jib Crane

Selecting a jib crane to match application requirements involves assessing key elements such as operation type, available building structure, needed options, cost of jib crane plus installation. Factors include span, working span, rotation, capacity, under-boom & overall heights, power, and installation factors.

These are goals that sometimes conflict with each other, and require specific application understanding for proper execution.

How to Avoid Forklift-Pedestrian Accidents

Typically, a forklift is the most dangerous piece of machinery in any facility that has it. Utmost care should be taken to be sure pedestrians and forklifts don't mix. This series of articles dissects the ways forklifts and people can mix - and how to separate them to make your operation safer. Since 46% of all forklift accidents involve a pedestrian, it's worth checking, re-checking, and constant vigilance.

These articles cover everything from how to avoid these accidents from a pedestrian viewpoint to discouraging "distracted driving" to the environmental factors (noise, lighting) that can help to cause these accidents.

Reduce Noise from Compressors & Other Machinery with Acoustic Partitions

Industrial noise is a problem. It can make your people less productive. It can cause mistakes. It can cause injuries and long term hearing issues. Specifically designed for vertical and horizontal air compressors, but useful for many other noise sources, portable acoustic screens significantly reduce the risk of hearing loss from compressor noise. Screen panels are made from durable, quilted fiberglass fabric with a sound dampening insert between the layers of quilting. Each panel is supported by strong yet lightweight aluminum frames with innovative over-under legs that ensure wobble-free stability.

A Safer Way to Access your Mezzanine, Raised Platform, or Maintenance Area

Too often, we see facilities that utilize unsafe methods to access work platforms, mezzanines, maintenance areas or other elevated places. A typical mezzanine is accessed by stairs, but in some instances, a ladder is necessary. When that happens, a conventional ladder is an opportunity for a falling accident.