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How Robotics is Changing End of Line Packaging

The end of a manufacturing or distribution line is where the rubber meets the road. It’s potentially the last place where you have direct control of your product before it ships to retailers or direct customers. It’s where you can add value…or spoil a lot of value. The end of the line in many ways is more important to your company’s image than all its public relations, its websites, its brochures. It is often where your reputation can be made.

At the end of line, we package, we palletize, we stretch-wrap, we inspect, we ship. And we have the chance to add value. How can you make your operation more value-added, more efficient?

Small Manufacturer Coalition's Keys for Future Success

The American Small Manufacturers Coalition (ASMC) released the results of its 2011 Next Generation manufacturing study, identifying key trends affecting the industry and steps U.S. manufacturers can take now to be successful in the next generation. Some of the findings are fairly predictable, while others may surprise you.
  • Solidify your next generation of leadership
  • Think sustainable
  • Get ready to re-tool
  • Focus like a laser on workforce development

Span Tech Plastic Chain Conveyors

Span Tech's continuous curving, sanitary, food-quality plastic chain conveyor systems are versatile, modular, and capable of horizontal and vertical bends within one chain design.

They can be combined and configured for near infinite possibilities. These conveyors are utilized in food production and handling, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, pharmaceutical applications, and more. We have added a section to our website detailing these conveyors.

Also, SpanTech is rolling out "A different sort of sorter" at Modex 2012.

Exactly How Could you Store the Lost Ark?

If you are in the warehousing or material handling industry, you’ll find yourself identifying warehouse and handling equipment in movies or television shows quite often. Many of us have seen, for instance, the NFL graphics of a large distribution system used on Fox network for years. I’ve pointed out Hytrol conveyors in movies to my wife for years, to the point where she says it first when she sees it.

For fun, we have put together a list of the more famous scenes in entertainment history involving material handling equipment, and how it could have been done better.