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A Different Sort of Sorter (Video)

Sortation systems in distribution are application driven. Typically we're talking order fulfillment (retail, wave pre-sorting, inbound putaway sorts), shipping (end of line carrier sortation, ship to stores), and returns. Traditional sweep sorters, cross-belt, narrow slat & shoe, or belt sorters are often thought of as “for the big guys” in large operations.

The TranSorter™, a new unit sorter is perfect for “end of line” systems, order fulfillment, inbound sorting and returns processing. The new sorter can sort a wide range of parcels and including fragile items, ultra lightweight poly-bags and other irregulars that have been traditionally problematic for other sorters. SpanTech will unveil the new TranSorter™ at Modex , an International Material Handling Trade Show held in Atlanta (February 6-9, 2012, Booth # 3028).

Justifying AisleCop® Forklift Safety Systems (PDF)

If you run forklifts in your facility, and in particular if you run more than a couple of them, you need to get a look at AisleCop® Safety Gate Systems. They help make facility operations safer by regulating pedestrian and industrial lift traffic.  This white paper helps you justify the system. Check the videos, specs, and other information at after you read this paper:

Apply 5-S Principles to Your Operation

Based on 5 Japanese words that begin with ‘S’, the 5-
S Philosophy hones in on effective work place organization and standardized work procedures. When correctly implemented, it reduces waste, increases efficiency, and overall work quality. If you're unfamiliar with 5S principles, and how they apply in warehousing or manufacturing operations, take the time to check out this article.

Download Thousands of Assembly Instructions, Specs, and More

We've created a website area for the critical documents you may need for your material handling equipment. It focuses on various assembly instructions, specs, technical documentation and other materials you may need. We've broken most of these documents down into categories - sales brochures, specifications, operations manuals, maintenance documentation, assembly instructions, etc. by manufacturer. We are constantly adding more documents to this area. Aside from these technical documents, you can also grab Cisco-Eagle brochures, catalogs, and more.

Tips for Keeping Your Warehouse Cleaner

An easy way to gauge a warehouse or manufacturing plant ‘s effectiveness is to check how clean it is. Cleaner facilities are more productive, tend to be safer, and tend to be more organized. This article explores the benefits of a clean operation, and offers some tips for keeping your operation organized, clean, bright and ready for productivity.