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Automation is More Important Than Ever

Manufacturing output continues to increase while manufacturing employment heads the other direction. Even China has lost manufacturing jobs over the last decade, as automation and tighter manufacturing practices help increase output without increasing headcount.

Companies, whether in the U.S. or abroad, continue to automate to increase efficiency, slash costs, and compete. For American manufacturers, this trend can potentially be a huge advantage. With a better-educated, technologically savvy labor force, we can transition faster than many overseas competitors in the move toward automation, whether by automated storage systems, conveyors, WMS, robotics, or other means.

Is it a matter of automate or be left behind?

Reduce Product & Inventory Damage in Your Plant

In warehouse & manufacturing facilities, things get broken. People drop picks, packages, or products. Forklifts run into racks or drop loads. Product damage at some level is unavoidable, but a combination of processes, practices, equipment, and training can help you reduce the core issues that drive it.

Moving Your Facility: A Practical Checklist

Like moving your personal household, relocating an industrial operation (or even part of it) is chaotic, fast-paced, inconvenient and typically painful – in fact more painful than a personal move because there are so many moving parts, so many ways to get it wrong. How can you reduce the pain and get back into gear as fast as possible?

Deliver Power to the Task with Battery Cart/Workstations 

Powered work stations combine the mobility of a cart with a portable battery power pack to provide electrical power for computers, printers and peripherals. Potential applications include:

  • Mobile data entry
  • Printing & labeling on the spot
  • WMS connectivity
  • Inventory management

Bring computer based elements with you on a cart that has its own power source. Don't spend any more time looking for power outlets or wearing yourself out walking back and forth to the computer and printer - take the electricity, printers, computers, gauges, and electronic tools with you.

Pick More Ergonomically from Floor-Level Pallets 

When people pick boxes or other items from floor-level pallets in the lowest rack bay, it's inherently difficult. It fosters the kinds of strains and stretches that can lead to long term injuries.

This article helps you address the hazards associated with pallet and slot picking, using OSHA's resources. It presents techniques and equipment that can assist workers and increase speed of order fulfillment.