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Vertical Lift Modules vs. Horizontal Carousels: Which fits Your Application?

When you are considering an automated picking solution, you have many choices. One of the more frequent comparisons is between horizontal carousels and VLM’s – vertical lift modules. Both essentially promise the same efficiency gain: Both types of carousels deliver products to pickers rather than forcing people to move to picking stations. Both save space. Both increase productivity.

But which carousel type is best for your operation?

How to Justify HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) Warehouse Ceiling Fans

Most people who run industrial facilities are aware of HVLS fans by now. They understand that these fans, usually 20 feet or more in diameter, are slow-moving and provide a consistent breeze that makes facilities more comfortable while they drive down costs. If you've been in a facility with one, you know how much difference that slow breeze can make.

In cooling applications, HVLS fans move large masses of air at the right speed for the evaporative cooling effect and require little power. Typical applications require about the same electricity it takes to run three light bulbs, and you can elect to choose solar powered options as well.

Case Study: Macy's "Micro-DC" Store-Based Order Fulfillment Centers

As part of its overall e-commerce plans, Macy’s Stores elected to de-centralize much of its distribution and focus online distribution at smaller facilities, each located in the back of the retailers’ stores. Since the retailer has the advantage of 800 stores – “warehouses” they might be called, according to one company officer – it already had access to major American markets without new construction. The retailer has converted nearly 300 stores into mini fulfillment centers for its e-commerce division.

In this case study, we delve into Cisco-Eagle's role in this process.

Handle Empty Pallets The Right Way

Most distribution and many manufacturing operations must deal with empty pallets – sometimes lots of them. They take space you could use for something else. They clutter your receiving areas. They can be splintery, sometimes with protruding nails waiting to bite a passerby. if stacked badly, they can fall or pose other safety problems. They can eat space. What can you do to ensure you don't have issues with them?

How to Store & Secure High-Value Inventory on Pallet Racks

It’s difficult to secure high-value inventory in a busy operation, but it’s even harder when the load resides in pallet racks, which are larger, have a conventionally open design, and are more difficult to secure than inventory that sits on shelves, in carousels or within tool cribs. 

Pallet rack loads can be palletized or stacked on decking, but either way they are more “open” than other types of inventory. We have some steps you can take in regards to secure "racked" inventory.

Use Mobile, Highly Configurable Platforms to Reach Difficult Areas

When the work is at height, but a permanent catwalk isn't needed or feasible, what can you do? These platforms allow you to work on aircraft, pipes, suspended machinery, and other areas where a permanent structure isn't viable, but stability and versatility are mandatory. Options include: