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Protect order pickers in pallet rack aisles

In a busy operation, you can have dozens or hundreds of order pickers on the floor with carts and clipboards or scan guns. These are usually focused people who have the job in mind - pick orders, pick them fast, pick them right. After all, you’ve probably told them how speed is of the essence – which it is.

The problem is that in many or most operations, there are also powered industrial trucks (forklifts, walkies, electric powered jacks) operating in the same space, often in cramped pallet rack aisles. And guess what? They’re busy and focused on the job, too.

Are either of the parties focused enough on preventing a terrible accident?

Summer heat can damage your conveyors: how to prevent it

How can warm weather affect your conveyor system? Is the location of your system air-conditioned? Are you in a naturally warm-weather climate? Many factories, warehouses, and distribution centers are not. If yours isn’t, this can lead to situations where a buildup of heat during the summer months might cause problems. The good news is that for the most part, simple preventative maintenance can head off most heat-related issues.

Why all that hot air on the ceiling of your facility isn't a good thing

Warehouses and other buildings with high ceilings tend to have significant temperature differences, floor to ceiling, and many people think that's actually an advantage. In a 40 foot tall room, temperatures can vary 30 degrees or more. At a glance this seems to be a good thing. The floor of your facility, where people have to operate is cooler than the air pressed against the ceiling. But that's not true.

It's far less energy efficient and costlier, and doesn't really cool the floor evenly or as well as it could if temperatures were equalized. Here's some information on your options when it comes to facility cooling.

Let the air in, but keep pests (human or insect) out

Improve your facility air quality while still keeping the dock door open in spring or summer months. Durable mesh doors help reduce cooling costs in warehouses, manufacturing plant, or distribution center while blocking out pest and debris. Great for production facilities that can’t afford to have painted items or sensitive equipment marred by airborne debris or insects.

Make your forklifts more functional with clear covers, blade protectors, fork attachments, and more

From coil lifters to clear covers that protect drivers from moisture and small debris, you can make your forklifts operate better and be more versatile with these accessories. Some of the options include: