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AisleCop® Forklift Safety System Sample Configurations & Prices

If you use forklifts or other industrial vehicles, they're probably the most dangerous part of your operation. In fact, every year forklifts kill 100 people and seriously injure more than 20,000 in the U.S. alone.

36% of serious forklift incidents involve a pedestrian, so areas where pedestrians and industrial traffic mingle should be a top safety priority. Safety focused companies are installing the AisleCop® system, even those with a heavy emphasis on training and traffic management. These systems help prevent a momentary judgment lapse that can result in tragedy. For limited-visibility, high-traffic, or other dangerous areas, AisleCop® can help prevent the worst kinds of accidents.

To Customers, Order Picking Accuracy is what You do, Not what You Say You'll do

Order picking is one of the last touch points between you and your customers. It is arguably the most critical. When it comes to customer relations, getting orders right is more important than public relations campaigns, press releases, or friendly customer service agents. It speaks directly to your company's competence and credibility.

No matter if you’re shipping direct to consumers or to another processing operation, customers are directly impacted. Not only is the customer with the incorrect order harmed, so are potential future customers who suffer because of inventory errors that delay or cause mistakes in orders. Many operations with order accuracy issues rush to point the finger at the picker. That's one possible issue, but hardly the only place you can make improvements and prevent problems.

4 Factors for Distribution Center Sustainability

At Modex 2012, Hytrol Conveyor’s Boyce Bonham sat down with DCVelocity to discuss distribution center sustainability. We’ve linked the video below, which is worth a few moments of your time. How do initiatives to work greener, smarter, and better affect warehouses and distribution operations? Not surprisingly, these initiatives often save money, in particular over the long term.

Ways to Reduce Injuries at the Loading Dock

Since 25% of all warehouse injuries occur at the loading dock, warehousing and manufacturing operations need to pay close attention to this area. Shipping and receiving are bustling, busy places - in particular when a truck comes in, or one needs to be quickly loaded and released.

When people are pressed for time, they become careless, tired, and more prone to mistakes that can ultimately be lethal. Training is one way to address this, but hardly the only way. Process changes, equipment, and management insistence on safety are others.

DCVelocity: The Top 12 Distribution Center Metrics

May’s DCVelocity magazine featured its annual report on DC Metrics – a great tool for benchmarking your warehouse operations. The survey was issued to the magazine’s readers and members of WERC, by researchers from Georgia Southern University and a consulting firm partner.

The top metrics are:

  1. On-time customer shipments
  2. Order picking accuracy
  3. Average warehouse capacity used
  4. Dock-to-stock cycle time – hours
  5. Internal order cycle time – hours
  6. Total order cycle time...