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Order Picking Alternatives; Compensation for Warehousing Professionals; Canadian Toll Free Service.

gadzooks' Dresses up its Shipper Labeling System

(Reproduced with permission from Summit Publishing, publishers of Packaging World magazine)

gadzooks, Inc. of Carrollton, TX, ships cases of teen-oriented clothing and accessories from its distribution center to the chains 433 stores. For years, the FedEx-approved label had been printed and hand-applied...

Cisco-Eagle Offers Toll-Free Support for Canada

Cisco-Eagle's toll-free 888-877-3861 number is now enabled to allow toll-free calling from Canada (as well as the United States). Calls will be answered by the customer service department at our Dallas headquarters.

Picking Comparisons: Static Storage, Gravity Flow, and Automated Systems: Which is Right for You?

The answer often boils down to what you're picking, when you're picking it, and whether or not money or time matter the most at the moment. Click above for more information...

Compensation for Warehousing, Manufacturing, & Engineering Professionals (2003)

When you open your check a couple of times a month, how do you know you're getting what you're worth?

Irving, TX Distribution Center Operations Seminar to Feature Cisco-Eagle Presentation on Equipment Installation and Coordination

For those in North Texas, or able to travel, this is an excellent one-day conference featuring multiple sessions designed to assist the distribution professional. The theme this year is "Absolute DC Solutions". Cisco-Eagle's Mike Palmison will be presenting Equipment Installation and Coordination, a fast-paced course on what to expect at this critical step of the process. It happens at the DFW Airport Marriott in Irving, Texas on Thursday, October 16, 2003 (8:30 am to 3:00 pm). Fees: $79 per person. The registration deadline is October 6, 2003. The fee includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, event cap, and entry for portable DVD player.