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Material handling and safety: ways to make your plant safer with material handling equipment and processes...

It's unfortunate that many of those who aren't directly involved in it believe that manufacturing and warehousing are cost factors. We believe otherwise-that if you are making, storing, shipping, or receiving material from your facility, and that material is the basis of your business, that improvements to physical facilities and processes are some of the best investments you can make. This issue, we're focusing mostly on safety issues, and how you can create a safer more productive facility using material handling.

How can you reduce injuries, damage and losses due to lift truck accidents?

Lift truck accidents account for only about 1% of industrial accidents, but they produce 10% of the physical injuries. Nearly every warehouse or manufacturing plant has forklifts, and they cause an estimated 10,000 injuries a year.

Do inline conveyor weigh legs make sense for your shipping operation?

Weigh Legs can Quickly turn conveyors into in-line weighing systems. It's difficult to estimate the amount of time that can be saved by parcel ship operations by utilizing them-but do they fit your operation?

Dissecting the Slip and Fall Accident

As long as businesses have existed, one of the most common and costly threats to a workplace safety program has been the slip and fall accident. How can you protect your people...and your company?

Featured Case Study: TTI achieves a smoother flow of operations with conveyor and carousel system

TTI's material handling system made instant productivity impact. "The very first day, we saw a 20% productivity increase. Today we've seen an increase of 30%. And I can't calculate how many additional people it would have taken to move the number of totes we would have needed to handle our current growth."