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Mouser enhances its distribution center; Federal "Hours of Service" rules and their effect on warehousing; How to specify dock plates...

As 2003 draws to a close, we'd like to thank our customers and friends for your patronage, support, and friendship throughout this year. We hope to continue providing the right solutions to your material handling problems. Have a great holiday season!

Case Study: Mouser Electronics Revs Up its Distribution Center with efficient Material Handling System

Mouser Electronics is one of the largest supplier-authorized distributors of electronic components in North America. In a business climate that has seen many of its competitors decline 40%, Mouser has grown 25% since 2000. Click above to see the details on how Mouser's new DC helped it meet the demand and improve its quality.

Warehouses and Distribution Centers Brace for new Department of Transportation "Hours of Service" Rules

January 2004 brings new federal rules that impact the operations of distribution centers and warehouse operations across the United States. The Department of Transportation's new Hours of Service rules will change the way carriers can operate-and carriers will often put pressure on DC's and warehouses to operate differently as well. Click above to read more...

How-To: Specify a Dock Board or Dock Plate

ImageThis month's how-to tip focuses on an often overlooked part of every shipping and receiving operation: the dock board. Getting the exact right width, style and capacity isn't always black & white. That's why Cisco-Eagle created a dock board specification guide that calculates the right dock board for your application, dock height, and other factors.

How do Anti-Fatigue Mats Work?

Standing for long periods of time on hard floor surfaces is very uncomfortable and causes physical fatigue. For industrial and warehouse workers who are stationed at assembly positions and pick stations for long periods of time, the preferred method has long been to provide anti-fatigue matting. Here's how they work.