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How can you avoid conveyor accidents & injuries? Plus, product slotting fundamentals & more...

Welcome to 2004! With a wave of good economic news, many companies are gearing up for better times. We believe that much of the success our clients will have in the coming years will come from smart, efficient facilities that increase throughput, run efficiently, and reduce costs.

Twelve Ways to Reduce Conveyor Related Injuries

Conveyors are a great productivity tool, but there are safety issues you must address if you utilize them in your operation. This page leads to extensive conveyor safety resources, manuals, and articles...

From CEI Logistics: The Fundamentals of Product Slotting

Product Slotting is defined as the intelligent location of product in a warehouse or distribution center for the purpose of optimizing material handling efficiency. Sometimes called inventory slotting, or profiling, it identifies the most efficient placement for each item. Here are the basics...

Cisco-Eagle Offers Extensive Locker Configuration Assistance

Lockers are a staple at many facilities, but companies and institutions have difficulty specifying them. To assist in the process, we've created an extensive specification form. All the options and choices are detailed with explanations and illustrations to help you understand your locker options.

Flexible Conveyor Resources

Flexible conveyors are one of the most versatile pieces of conveying equipment available. They expand, curve, and extend to fit specific handling needs, especially in a dock area. Our website is fully updated with new video, pricing, and extensive specifications.