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  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
  • Order Fulfillment from the Packer's Point of View
  • Logistics Information Systems
  • Wire security partition resources

Cisco-Eagle Customer Satisfaction Survey Results: 2001-2003

The survey results will not show you a perfect company. Just a company systematically striving to be perfect.

Cisco-Eagle conducts regular customer satisfaction surveys to help us understand our performance and the ways we can improve to better serve our customers. These results represent cumulative scores from 2001 to the 2003. We believe our customers deserve to know what other customers think of our performance. The scores will be updated three times a year and made available to any customer who wants to see them.

Order Fulfillment From a Packer's Point of View: How each task can affect the packing function

Pick and pack an order, using the least amount of worker time, motion, material and space: In today's high-tech world and considering the complexities of designing an order fulfillment system, the packing area is sometimes treated as an afterthought. That's unfortunate because the Packer is a key member of the order fulfillment team, and his impact on your business can be significant. Here's how to get the most from that investment.

Security Partitions Resources: Pricing, Configuration Forms, How-To Advice, and More...

Image Wire mesh security partitions & cages enhance security, prevent inventory pilferage, protect valuable inventory, and segment workspaces. We have created a comprehensive area with configuration assistance, online pricing, assembly manuals, and other resources for users of wire partitions.

Over 100 specialized one, two, and three sided partitions are priced in our easy-to-use, 100% secure e-catalog. Forms for specifying customized units are also available, with or without ceilings, with sliding or hinged lockable gates.

From CEI Logistics: Logistics Information System Assessment & Gap Analysis

The purpose of the Logistics Information Systems Assessment is to identify gaps in a existing information systems and where appropriate develop a budget and business case for new software or technologies based on their specific operating environment. Want to know more?