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  • Are you using the right methods when you compare storage methods?
  • Six steps to designing an efficient packing table
  • Order fulfillment systems website announced
  • Cantilever rack specification
  • Sortation conveyor spotlight...

Welcome to the April 2004 edition of Material Handling Tips & Information. Let's get right to it...

Are you using the right measurement when comparing storage methods?

A common business discussion between players in the pallet-handling arena is the use of the 'cost per position' measure. This exchange occurs between vendors and customers, customers and consultants, and consultants and vendors. The measure works well when examining identical or nearly identical technologies, but becomes meaningless when diverse technologies are involved. A more useful measure - 'cost per pallet through' the system - is one that isn't simple...

Six steps to designing an efficient packaging table

While all packaging tables are similar in function, every packaging bench is unique to its own set of issues. Sometimes, even within a packing and shipping department, workstations vary because of the size and scope of the packaging operation. This configuration guide details how to specify exactly the right packaging table for your operations.

Announcing - the website for order fulfillment professionals

This website provides information, data, articles, and opinions for order fulfillment professionals. Articles on methodology, equipment applications, ROI formula, and other information are available. As the site grows, voices from the academic and professional worlds will be heard in the form of more information, techniques, and opinions. If your operation involves order fulfillment from the manufacturing or distribution perspective, this site may be of great use to you.

How to specify cantilever racks

When it comes to storing long parts and items, cantilever rack is perhaps the overall best solution. Things like tubing, pipes, lumber, and long steel stock are the traditional staples of cantilever storage. Here's how you configure cantilever racking to handle your load...

Hytrol Conveyor Product Spotlight: ProSort SC sorter series

Hytrol's Model ProSort SC series of sorters consist of a belt conveyor fitted with divert modules that are powered from the belt. The divert modules contain high friction wheels that pivot in order to direct cartons from the main belt conveyor onto take-away lines. The ProSort SC1 diverter can direct products to take-away lines located either on the right or left side of the conveyor while the ProSort SC2 diverter can direct products to both the right and left sides of the conveyor. Take-away lines may be either gravity skatewheel or powered rollers. Spurs may be slave driven from the diverter when the application requires powered take-away rollers but where the additional drives on the spurs would not be cost effective...