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In this issue:

  • Protect your conveyor system from the rigors of summertime heat
  • How your warehouse layout can deter inventory theft
  • Ergonomics and the hospital central supply area: fitting the task to the worker
  • Conveyor spotlight: Hytrol Sweepsort small item sorter

Protect your Conveyor System from the rigors of summertime heat

With summer coming, temperatures are rising. Like any machine, conveyor is affected by heat and friction-even with the highest quality parts and materials. If your facility is not air conditioned, it's time to keep a closer eye on the effects of heat on your conveyor system.

How your warehouse layout can deter inventory theft

The way you place critical elements in a warehouse layout can enhance security. It can also make you more vulnerable to theft. Since so much of inventory theft is tied to employees or visitors to the facility, the correct positioning of elements such as break rooms, doors, parking lots, and dock doors can greatly impact security.

Conveyor Spotlight: Hytrol Sweepsort Small Item Sorter

Hytrol's SweepSort small item sorter can accurately track and literally "sweep" problematic items such as cylindrical objects at rates up to 140 items per minute. This sorter utilizes a composite modular cleated belt with a sweep mechanism that allows previously non-conveyable items to be sorted in stations as close as 12 inches apart.