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Welcome to the August  2004 edition of Material Handling Tips & Information, a monthly publication for engineers, warehouse managers, plant managers, and facilities operators.

Seismic Zones and Pallet Rack

In recent years, higher-density storage systems such as VNA (very narrow aisle) have increased the complexity of safely designing a racking system. While building codes have gotten stricter-and safer-storage technologies have pushed the envelope. Tolerances are tighter, and errors less tolerable, especially in seismic zones three and four. With an array of pallet racking solutions that ranges from selective to pallet flow, the need to carefully plan your seismic zone 3 or 4 rack project is amplified.

Cisco-Eagle Web Inquiry Response System Upgraded

A popular feature of has been the ability to submit an inquiry for one-day response for material handling questions. Thousands of inquiries a year are answered, usually in detail, on the same day. That fast response ability has recently been upgraded. Instead of offering a single, general form, a new series of product and equipment specific forms have been created.

We also encourage telephone calls, to our toll-free number, 888-877-3861, if you're more comfortable talking to a representative in person.

Manual lifting techniques, tools, information

ImageWhenever possible, eliminate manual materials handling by combining operations or shortening the distances that material must be moved. Look at material flow through the facility, and eliminate any unnecessary lifts. This page links to an Ohio Workers' Compensation site that provides extensive tools, information, and data on manual lifting and the best ways to reduce injuries due to it.

From CEI Logistics: Why engage in Material Handling System Simulation?

Simulation provides the capability to test the design, operation, and performance of a system prior to making a large investment. By using simulation to compare various design alternatives, the best solution can be identified and implemented, leading to a savings in both time and money.

Cisco-Eagle Online Catalog Presents a full suite of Safety Cabinets and Containers

A fire can charge through a building in no time. Injuring people, destroying assets, threatening the very existence of your business. Simple proven steps can help reduce the risk of accidents, and in the area of fire prevention, the proper storage and disposition of flammable liquids, wastes, and cloths are at the forefront. Safety storage cabinets serve several critical functions: They safely contain hazardous chemicals to reduce the risk of fire, protecting both personnel and facilities; they identify, organize, and segregate dangerous liquids; they offer compliance with federal OSHA regulations and state and local fire codes; they improve efficiency by allowing solvent to be stored near the points of use, and they improve security with keyed locking mechanism. We have published a series of articles and made a full selection of safety cabinets, cans, and containers available