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January 2005:

These days, everyone seems to be talking about order fulfillment. Why? Because all of us are in the order fulfillment business, either directly or indirectly. The way we fulfill orders is one of the best opportunities to please customers and create profitability. That's why I'm sending you a few things on the order fulfillment process this month.

Split Case Picking: Like a Trip to the Grocery Store?

In a split case picking system, individual items are picked from bins or open cartons in a piece-picking operation—it’s sometimes called each-pick operations...

From CEI Logistics: Process Improvement for Warehouses, Distribution, and other Facilities

Warehouse process Improvement projects focus on specific areas of concern or challenges within a client's operation. The approach is the same as that employed on Strategic Planning projects but with a narrower scope. The objective is to design and implement tactical solutions that yield near term business results...

Security and Bin Cabinets - High density, secure storage for small parts

We've added a variety of rugged metal cabinets to our website, each packaged with a variety of bins. All of these are lockable for security. I think the ones with wire mesh and transparent doors are particularly useful for security applications - check them out!

Column Guards surround building columns with a cushion of air...

We see a lot of damaged building columns in forklift-heavy facilities. One of the least expensive methods out there for preventing damage to both the building column and the lift truck is a column protector.