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December 2005 Material Handling Tips & Information Newsletter: End of the year edition features top articles from 2005

JANUARY: Split Case Picking: Like a Trip to the Grocery Store?

In a split case picking system, individual items are picked from bins or open cartons in a piece-picking operation—it’s sometimes called each-pick operations...

FEBRUARY: So, you're out of space. Now what?

I have seen people handle it a number of ways. Do you relocate to a larger facility? Locate a second building and move some of your operation there? Expand your existing facility? Outsource a segment of your operation to a 3rd party? My friends at CEI Logistics have some suggestions...

MARCH: Calculating conveyor speed

The standard speed for most unit handling conveyors is 65 feet per minute -- the same average speed a person walks when carrying a 50 pound box. Other speeds, both faster and slower than 65 FPM, are also available. However, some facts should be pointed out when changing speeds...

APRIL: Using non-accumulating curves in EZ-Logic Accumulating Conveyor Lines

This very common scenario arises when two zero-pressure accumulating conveyors are connected by a non-accumulating curve.

MAY: The Top 10 Concerns & Opportunities in Distribution

Warehouse and distribution people will have to continue to scrutinize their internal operations and find ways to cut costs. And that's only one of the 10 major issues they will contend with in the coming months. What are the others?

JUNE: Nine order picker training methods that can boost your bottom line

Picking seems like a simple function. The picker finds a product in the warehouse, picks it and puts it into a tote or a carton, and then sends it on its way by cart or conveyor. But like so many things in life, what seems simple is not simple at all.

JULY: How to convey totes the right way

Totes might be the perfect container when conveying products. There are many benefits when conveying totes. They are consistent dimensionally and in weight, ergonomic, clean, and reduce the maintenance issues associated with corrugated dust. Here are the answers if you're looking at a tote conveyor application.

AUGUST: Case Study: Salon Support distribution center reduces labor 20%, costs 43%

According to Salon Support's CEO Tony Ford, "With our growth, we knew we could not get a new building up fast enough to support our customer’s expectations. Our growth was explosive. We felt we were holding inventory we might not need. Many items which were not touched for weeks were restricting access to those we picked regularly.” Here's how the problem got solved...

SEPTEMBER: Online Tool allows you to create preliminary estimates, layouts right in your web browser...

Try our new RackEstimator, a web-based software package that allows you to enter your load and room information and create price estimates, a basic layout, and other drawings...

OCTOBER: The organizational advantages of modular drawer storage

Make maximum use of available space, especially at the back of shelves where items are hard to reach and to see by changing your shelving layout.

NOVEMBER: Picking from pallet racks at height - how to make it safer

Safely picking cartons and items from pallet rack heights above the floor is a common issue in warehouses. Many companies need to retrieve goods from these positions, and there are several options. At some companies, employees have even climbed the rack, which is obviously unsafe. Here's how to check your process and eliminate the dangers...