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November 2005 Material Handling Tips & Information Newsletter

Cisco-Eagle website recognized in MHIA and CICMHE 2005 Content Awards

The Material Handling Industry of America recently released the list of winners for its 2005 nationwide content awards. Cisco-Eagle's Conveyor Resources guide was awarded second place of 40 entrants.

The site has become an industry "go-to" for conveyor related resources, articles, and information. A panel of academic judges and industry experts judged the entries on a broad range of criteria. We're proud of this award, and more proud that we can provide a resource like this for our customers and the industry in general...

Picking From Height: How Can You Make it Safer?

Safely picking cartons and items from pallet rack heights above the floor is a common issue in warehouses. Many companies need to retrieve goods from these positions, and there are several options. At some companies, employees have even climbed the rack, which is obviously unsafe. Here's how to check your process and eliminate the dangers...

How Rotary Shelves Save Space, Time:

Concentrated storage is the key - do you have bulk parts, components, or hardware to store?

Rotary shelving may be the answer to many bulk storage applications In storage, merchandising, and picking areas, Rotary Shelving is often overlooked for other methods such as modular storage or rectangular shelves with bins. However, in production areas, warehouses, parts counters, and retail, rotary shelving is often a better solution - especially when space is a big issue...

Ergonomics: how to design a safer, more efficient work station

Ergonomics is a scientific discipline concerned with improving the productivity, health, safety and comfort of people, as well as promoting effective interaction between people, technology they are using and the environment in which both must operate. For industrial workers, ergonomics is especially important due to the cost of outfitting a work area, and also due to the strain and stress of heavier loads and more physical conditions that exist within a warehouse or manufacturing plant. Here's how to design and specify a workstation for packing, picking, assembly, or other industrial applications...

How to Manage Handwork Efficiently and Profitably

From Operations & Fulfillment Magazine

Facility automation may be all the rage, but there are several fulfillment jobs that require kitting, packing, or assembly by hand. Unfortunately, few DC managers plan adequately for handwork projects. Here are some recommendations for making handwork successful and profitable...

CONVEYOR SPOTLIGHT: Hytrol’s ProSort 400 heavy duty sliding shoe sorter: high speed, positive & gentle diverting applications

Hytrol’s ProSort 400 is a heavy duty sliding shoe sorter designed for high speed applications where product diverting needs to be both positive and gentle. Products are transported on anodized aluminum slats where at a predetermined location, divert shoes move diagonally across the conveyor to push the product onto a take-away conveyor. The ProSort 400 may be configured for diverting products to the right hand or left hand side of the sorter. Also it may be configured for diverting at 30 degrees where close divert centers are important or 22 degrees where high speed is required...

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