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October 2005 Material Handling Tips & Information Newsletter

The importance of testing your conveyor application

Conveyor systems can be expensive. To increase the chances of a successful application, live product testing is something I recommend. You can see how your product will convey, and it helps us specify the right conveyors and design for success. When it's over, you get video and a detailed report. The best part is that the testing process is absolutely free...

Modular drawers & shelving combine to allow bulk, modular storage in the same space

Image You can reclaim up to 70% of your floor space by replacing shelving & bins with shelving units and modular drawers. You can even use your existing shelving if you want, as banks of modular drawers can be inserted into about 35 major brands of shelving. We're also offering shelving with the bins, so you can get it that way as well. I think it's a really good high density method for the right storage application...

Keeping Conveyor Operators Safe with Emergency Stops

Image Conveyor systems that are accessible to operators must be equipped with emergency stops. Emergency stops and other safety designs cost more, but they reduce the chances of injuries and damage. Our systems group has standards that protect your people and your operation from conveyor related injuries...

Wal-Mart reports evidence of RFID Payoff

I noticed a blurb in the latest Information Week about Wal-Mart’s proof that its move to RFID is paying off. The magazine states that Wal-Mart is reducing out-of-stock product by 16% vs. stores that aren’t using RFID technology, according to a University of Arkansas study. The company’s ultimate goal is to always keep inventory levels up at stores without the cumbersome process of manual counting. The report also said that items with RFID labels using EPC codes were replenished three times faster than those without. The company was also able to reduce its inventory levels due to better and faster information. If you are downstream in Wal-Mart’s distribution channel (and really even if you aren’t), RFID is becoming more and more of a reality. With these kinds of improvements, more companies are going to demand the trackability RFID offers. Cisco-Eagle has joined with the University of Arkansas as a sponsor of its industry-leading RFID Research Center, so we can help you get started on the path to understanding how your company can take advantage of RFID.

How do you Handle Archival Records Storage?

This time of year, many companies, governmental agencies, and other facilities face the challenge of what to do with paper records. There are a myriad of records storage options. To assist, we have created a brief guide to archival records storage to deal with some of these issues...