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The best of Material Handling Tips & Information, 2003-2006


August: Common Sense Measures to Reduce Employee Theft in the Warehouse. How can you protect your operation?

September featured a case study - how gadzooks' ships cases of teen-oriented clothing and accessories from its distribution center to 433 stores.

October: WMS and The Small to Mid Sized Company debunks some myths about small companies and warehouse management systems.

November: How to reduce injuries, damage and losses due to lift truck accidents. Forklifts cause an undue amount of injuries - but many are avoidable.

December: Case Study: Mouser Electronics Revs Up its Distribution Center with efficient Material Handling System.


January: Twelve Ways to Reduce Conveyor Related Injuries. This page leads to extensive conveyor safety resources, manuals, and articles.

February: JA Majors Adapts to Changing Market, Increased Business without Adding Personnel with WMS and Material Handling System

March: Order Fulfillment From a Packer's Point of View: How each task can affect the packing function.

April: Are you using the right measurement when comparing storage methods? Is "cost per pallet" the right metric?

May: Theft at the Cargo Dock: How to "Harden the Target". 87% of losses are at the road transport level where warehouses, shippers, and receivers are most at risk.

June: Protect your Conveyor System from the rigors of summertime heat  If your facility is not air conditioned, it's time to keep a closer eye on the effects of heat on your conveyor system.

July: What you need to know when you specify a dock lift. Dock lifts are utilized in many warehouses and factories to help transition between trucks and docks of varying sizes.

August: Seismic Zones and Pallet Rack. With new, higher-density pallet racking solutions, careful planning of seismic zone 3 or 4 rack projects is amplified.

September: Ergonomics in the distribution center: picking from pallet hazards and solutions. The way pallet picks are executed affects ergonomics and productivity.

October: Design your Conveyor with Shock Loading in Mind. Although dropping product onto the conveyor is discouraged, there are circumstances when you can't avoid it.

November: Archival storage: calculating the costs, weighing the solutions...a brief guide to archival records storage to help you deal with the issues - how to store them, what it costs, and what are the alternatives?

December: What does it  truly cost to lease facility space? How landlords often quote the rent for industrial space...


January: Split Case Picking: Like a Trip to the Grocery Store? Individual items are picked from bins or open cartons in a piece-picking operation...

February: So you're out of space. Now what? Do you relocate to a larger facility? Locate a second building and move some of your operation there? Expand?

March: Calculating Conveyor Speeds. The standard speed for most unit handling conveyors is 65 feet per minute. Some facts should be pointed out when changing speeds...

May: The Top 10 Concerns & Opportunities in Distribution - what concerns warehouse and distribution professionals?

June: A Guide To Pallet Conveyors Two questions are nearly the entire game: What kind of a pallet are you conveying, and what does the load weigh?...

July: Over-The-Conveyor Workstations. Workstations fit directly over conveyor lines, giving workers an edge by providing exactly what's needed, exactly where it's needed.

August: Case Study: Salon Support DC reduces labor 20%, costs 43%

September: Online WebTool allows you to create preliminary estimates, layouts right in your web browser...

October: The importance of testing your conveyor application

November: Picking From Height: How Can You Make it Safer? Safely picking from pallet rack heights above the floor is a common issue in warehouses.

December: Ergonomics: how to design a safer, more efficient work station For industrial workers, ergonomics is vital due to the cost of outfitting a work area and the strain of heavier loads in physical conditions.


January: What you need to know when it's time to expand, renovate, or refurbish your facility

February: Tips for Conveyor Energy Savings. Substantial energy savings can be had with a well-designed conveyor system. And you can enhance yours to be even more efficient...

March: How to specify scissor lifts.

April: Column Flow Racks presents vertical columns of cartons to order pickers, allowing more pick faces in the same area

May: 15 Ways Material Handling Can Make Your Operation Safer. (PDF file) A well designed operation with efficient material handling is inherently safer. It helps you reduce risks without increasing your workload.

June: Compensation for distribution, manufacturing, and industrial professionals Information on a variety of warehousing & industrial positions and what they typically earn.

July: The Logic of Facility Layout: Understanding the logical movement of people, materials and product traveling between the front door and the shipping dock is the primary challenge of developing an efficient plant layout.