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November 2006 Material Handling Tips & Information Newsletter

Islands of Automation Solutions Suite - a Cisco-Eagle exclusive

Cisco-Eagle offers an exclusive Islands of Automation™ Solutions Suite. These technological "islands" pack functionality into a specific area to solve a specific task. Since they are modular systems, you can select those that apply to your specific processes. More importantly, we can help you tie them seamlessly to the appropriate areas of your operation...

Hold the Fort: Stop Warehouse Insecurity

by D. Douglas Graham, interviewing Steven W. Strifler of Cisco-Eagle

"Old school approaches such as thoughtful warehouse layout, security cages, netting, mirrors and the like are still relevant. Measures such as these are still around because they work - but they do an even better job when combined with new and in some cases, cutting-edge monitoring and tracking technologies," according to Cisco-Eagle CEO Steve Strifler in the 2006 edition of The Electrical Distributor magazine. The article elaborates on measures any warehouse operation can take to become more secure...

Archival Storage - How to calculate your space, ROI

This time of year, many companies, governmental agencies, and other facilities face the challenge of what to do with paper records. There are a myriad of records storage options. To assist, we have created a brief guide to archival records storage to deal with some of these issues...

Survey says WMS systems are Underutilized

A November 2006 survey from the Supply Chain Consortium found that most warehouse management systems are under-utilized. This stresses the importance of pre-work and qualification, according to CEI Logistics.

The only way to optimize your investment in WMS is by methodically understanding and documenting your expectation of the system. This process of documenting your expectation of the system drives the supplier's response, the evaluation of a supplier's offering, and ultimately the acceptance testing of the implemented solution.

Some key findings...

  • 45% percent of the reported WMS solutions are internally or custom developed.

  • 12% of respondents use a third-party hosting service to access their WMS solutions.

  • Only 38% report using task-interleaving functionality within their WMSs.

  • Only 60% of the respondents report that they perform a post-implementation audit of their supply chain technology investments.

  • Less than half of the respondents use their systems to schedule appointments for their receiving docks.

  • 80% of respondents indicate that their WMSs are integrated to a customer or store order management system.

The Cisco-Eagle Guide to Pallet Rack - a free downloadable PDF

PDF, opens new window

As the most widely used pallet storage equipment in the world, pallet rack is used in most warehouses and manufacturing facilities. This common-sense guide to pallet rack styles, specifications, and accessories helps you identify, specify and purchase the right rack for your application. This PDF details various racking styles, their drawbacks and advantages, and discusses when to use them. It also offers component listings of Cisco-Eagle's rack inventory.

Flow rack without lanes?

One of the neat things out there for operations that are using flow storage is skatewheel conveyor flow rack. The rack utilizes skatewheel conveyor instead of flow rails, so you aren't required to zone items into a lane: you can place whatever you want to store and flow exactly as you want. The number of conveyor sections, left to right are called "lanes", but you don't have to flow product down in a particular "lane"; it can go anywhere within the width of the conveyor shelf. For operations that require flexibility or high capacity (say with big containers of bulk items, or fast-changing SKU's) it's perfect...