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February 2007 Material Handling Tips & Information Newsletter

GapLogix can be used to feed pusher style sorters, weigh scales, print-and-apply applications

By reducing wasted space, GapLogix systems can optimize performance of the system and allow better throughput rates to be achieved at lower speeds. This reduces the rate of wear on the equipment, thus extending its life. Slower speeds also present less impact on the product. Modular controls for specific, complex areas of a system provide a complete machine and allow easy integration into any system. Speed of installation, ease of setup, ease of integration, flexible and configurable operation, and tested, complete machine performance are some of the goals during development of control products.

Robroy Industries slashes costs, increases picking accuracy with WMS system

Robroy Industries wanted to slash costs, implement cycle counting, get better, faster information, improve order picking speed, control the pace of work, and ensure capacity to handle late-month order surges, all within standard WMS functionality.

“By putting in an automated system, you become accurate,” said Robroy President and Chief Operating Officer David Marshall. “But you just get bad information faster if bad information is what you already have. An automated system won’t solve that problem. You have to solve a problem, then automate the solution.”

Seismic Considerations for Steel Storage Racks Located in Public Areas

The Building Seismic Safety Council (BSSC) has created an extensive report on seismic considerations for racking located in public areas (such as warehouse stores like Cosco, Sam's Club, or Home Depot). Given the proliferation of these stores, the associated risk to the public is greater. The traffic between rack aisles is greater than at a typical warehouse. During an earthquake, occupant safety in a big box store depends on the structural performance of the building and on the performance of storage racks (and their contents). Even for non-public use rack users, the report has some valuable information...

Physical Data Center Security named most overlooked IT Security Aspect

In the December 2006 issue, Information Technology listed the "Most Overlooked" aspects of technology security, and old-fashioned physical security was first on its mind. According to the article, the people who do IT security and the people who do physical security in large organizations don't work with one another. Many small- to mid-sized enterprise IT security groups may overlook physical issues altogether. It's not until a building break-in occurs that the two may even meet at all...

Industrial scales now available from Cisco-Eagle

We've recently added a number of industrial scales to our line. You can get a look at those on the website. What's there now are Bench scales (Ideal for straight-weighing applications where gross weight reading is required), Counting Scales (they have a full numeric keypad for instant counting capabilities. Operators can read weight, unit weight, and quantity values on high-contrast LED display), and Pallet Truck Scales (the ideal solution for fast, precise mobile weighing in the warehouse or at the dock. Weigh & transport your load in one easy step.) Check it out for full pricing & specifications...

Cisco-Eagle Launches San Antonio Operations

Cisco-Eagle opened its newest office January 1, 2007 in San Antonio, Texas. The office will be managed by experienced associates relocating from existing branches. The new facility complements seven others, including locations in Dallas and Houston, TX. "The office is a direct result of the need to serve an expanding client base throughout South Texas and address new opportunities in an area poised for continued economic growth," says President Steve Strifler. The office offers a full suite of material handling equipment and services.

The office can be reached at 210-403-2902.

Literature download center makes it easy to get information...

This section of our website is designed to provide you with easy access to Cisco-Eagle literature of various kinds. Almost all of it is presented in easy-to-print Adobe PDF form (you'll need Acrobat Reader from You can always order print copies of our most popular literature from the website as well...