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May 2007 Material Handling Tips & Information Newsletter

ProSort SRT Small Item Transfer Conveyor sorts totes, boxes, cartons & more

The ProSort SRT is designed with multiple narrow belts to transport items and is equipped with right-angle pop-up rollers. The rollers pop up between the belts to transfer items off the unit. The conveyor is designed to handle and transfer small to medium-size items such as boxes, cartons, totes, etc. For more information (and a neat video) check it out...

A guide to specifying vertical reciprocating conveyors

VRC's provide fast, efficient, convenient and safe access to/from mezzanines, balconies, basements, and between levels in multiple story buildings. They can be installed for through-floor, interior or exterior applications. But when do they fit for you? And what are the issues you'll need to understand before you specify one? We have a brief article plus the MHIA 40+ page spec guide available to help you understand when, where and how to use these powerful handling devices...

Preconfigured structural mezzanines

Custom-designed mezzanines assemble quickly with the simplicity of "erector set" construction to form rugged, high-load-bearing overhead levels. Special steel components engineered for mezzanines lock together to form a strong, unitized structure. Heavy-duty columns provide rigid support, eliminating obstructing bracing and providing maximum flexibility of movement and utilization of the lower level.

Of course, with a custom designed structural mezzanine, you can specify almost any shape and size you want but you can also browse through dozens of standard sizes available on our website...

To cool your facility, you need a cool breeze, not a harsh wind

Reduce your energy costs and create a more effective, more comfortable, and more productive working environment with a ceiling mounted industrial fan. With very high ceilings and vast storage areas that are ever changing due to stock and materials movement, warehouse and distribution centers face ongoing temperature control battles during the summer months - with or without air conditioning.

Also: if you're in the Dallas area, we have an HVLS fan installed in our warehouse, and you're welcome to come by and check it out. Just get in touch with me.

I Can Integrate This System Myself….Or Can I?

From Operations & Fulfillment Magazine: Let’s say, you're starting to plan a material-handling project, which looks as if it will have some conveyor, scanners, a pick-to-light area, a couple of label printers and other miscellaneous equipment. The system also must interface with your existing warehouse management system, enterprise resource planning, or host system.

The integration can be done in one of three ways: you can do it yourself, you can tell the hardware supplier that has the most content that they are the systems integrator, or you can hire a company that specializes in systems integration. Which way should you go?

The Case for Outsourced Maintenance

You have good people in maintenance, and they may have even attended a seminar on conveyors or other material handling equipment. Why would you outsource conveyor and material handling equipment maintenance? You do it when it makes excellent business sense. Unless you have enough conveyor to justify one or more full time people who will have to constantly attend training seminars and read manuals, you may want to consider maintenance by a third party...