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September 2007 Material Handling Tips & Information Newsletter

Warehousing Insights: Dealing with building permits

Many people do not realize that when installing equipment such as pallet racks, mezzanines, shelving, in-plant offices, or many other pieces of common material handling and storage equipment that you may be required to obtain a building permit.

If you ignore the building permit process it can cost you money in delays, fines, or even having to remove the equipment being installed until a permit is obtained.

For the most part, the International Building Codes (IBC) codes govern the standards which you will have to meet. Your state or city may have requirements in addition to those in the IBC. Of course the IBC is not the only set of codes that may apply...

Reduce maintenance, simplify accumulation, extend conveyor life with E24™ Live Roller Systems

E24™ is a brushless, gearless, low RPM, high torque motor that drives conveyor rollers reliably and efficiently. The external motor provides exceptional flexibility, superb heat dissipation, and a robustness that cannot be achieved with motors embedded in conveyor rollers.

We had the opportunity to debut it to the world at PackExpo West, and it has the potential to really make certain applications more efficient, less costly, longer-lasting, and to also reduce maintenance.

VIDEO INCLUDED: It's 3 minutes and really explains the advantages of E24.

Take advantage of every foot of your conveyor with dynamic zone allocation

A recent development in conveyor technology is dynamic zone allocation. Zero and minimum pressure accumulation systems have been around for years, but suffered from variable loads. If you have zones of, say, 24″ and some cartons that are 15″, the smaller cartons have to take up space as if they were the longest load on the system. Dynamic zone allocation adjusts the accumulation zone based on the size of the load...

VIDEO INCLUDED: Short video demonstrates the functional difference between static and dynamic allocation.

Record & Archival Storage: How to Calculate a Return on Investment

It’s that time of year: many companies, governmental agencies, and other facilities face the challenge of what to do with paper records. We have created a brief guide to archival records storage to deal with some of these issues...

Warehousing Insights: WMS warehouse management systems on demand - is it for you?

The last few years, WMS (warehouse management) software has started to trickle down from gigantic enterprises to mid-size and even small companies because the standard products have gotten better, requiring less customization and less (or easier) integration with back office, inventory, or enterprise systems. Now, it’s taken the next step — toward WMS on Demand. WMS software provider SmartTurn has introduced an on-demand product in the WMS space. It eliminates many of the issues people in mid-size and smaller operations have with WMS (the IT headaches, the large initial investment), but certainly won't be built to order for your business like a custom system could be...

Guard valuable equipment with never-paint-it, ultra-heavy duty pipe-style guardrails

Uses a cylindrical steel core which is mounted to the floor using base plates. The steel is then covered with a bright yellow polyethylene sleeve which has both ultraviolet and anti-static properties. You'll never need to paint it and it is one of the heaviest duty guard rails in the business for those applications (like protecting work cells and expensive machinery) where the most possible protection must be maintained.

VIDEO INCLUDED: See how pipe-style railing lasts longer, installs easier than typical guard rails...