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August 2008 Material Handling Tips & Information Newsletter

Case Study: Simmons Pet Foods optimizes palletizing operations

After extensive planning, Simmons Pet Foods broke ground on an ambitious expansion project designed to dramatically improve its manufacturing and distribution capabilities. The company wants to increase capacity by two-thirds or more. Here's what Simmons did to reduce labor costs, increase safety, and ramp up productivity in its packaging and palletizing operation...

Cisco-Eagle's new E-commerce system is designed specifically for material handling

We recently deployed our brand-new online commerce system after a year of development. It is designed to fit the specific needs of material handling customers by providing unique tools and comprehensive information. There are plenty of places to browse material handling equipment on the web - and lots of these websites are quite good. But almost none of them were designed from day one for the unique needs of warehousing and industrial customers.

If you had an account on our website previously, you'll still have it in our new website, but with more options and enhancements like our online QuoteBuilder program. Give it a look, and let us know what you think...

Palletizer Perspectives: Is a palletizer suitable for your operation?

With the growing popularity of automating the palletizing function, Chris Doyle interviewed Bobby Edmond, vonGAL, palletizers Director of Applications. Edmond has been in the business for 25 years and has seen applications in a wide range of industries, and in companies large and small. We asked him if he would take time to share his thoughts, and answer a few questions of interest to those that might be considering palletizing for the first time.

Incline Conveyor Application Tips

Anyone who has dealt with material flow onto or off of a mezzanine, up onto a ceiling-mounted conveyor line, or between levels understands just how useful - and how vital - incline conveyors can be.

To help you think about how you might implement inclines into your operation, and avoid some of the pitfalls that can happen with them, we’ve published a short guide to incline conveyors.

Wire pallet rack deck capacities: what you need to know

Wire decking is a great add-on to your pallet rack. But it can (and often does) directly bear the total load weight and transfers that load to the pallet rack beams. Regardless of the weight-bearing capacity of the rack’s beams, an improperly overrated deck can and will jeopardize the load-bearing capacity of the entire system and result in a failure. Here's how you prevent that problem.