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July 2008 Material Handling Tips & Information Newsletter

Prevent Forklifts from Colliding with Your Pallet Racks

Pallet racks take a beating - you know that. They get loaded with exceptionally heavy pallets, by exceptionally powerful lift trucks over and over throughout the course of years. If you have pallet rack in your warehouse, it will probably get hit at some point.

Can you avoid that hit, or its dangerous aftermaths in the first place?

Are you missing the forest for the trees? Could your operation use an overhaul?

The longer an operation runs, the better the chances it will develop kinks. The system you designed a few years ago may not be working as well today, after changes in business climate, personnel, SKU's, new products, storage requirements, corporate policy, or issues with key suppliers or customers. At some point, some of these issues will hit most operations.

If a series of small changes have added up to headaches, maybe it’s time to look beyond day-to-day, and observe the operation from a higher level; to see the forest for the trees...

P.E. Seals and Calcs - what they are, and why you need them on mezzanine projects

When you’re working on a mezzanine (or more correctly, a work platform) project, you may be provided P.E. seals and calculations. Calculations are a hard copy document of the checks of the mezzanine structural components. Seals are a stamp placed on the calculations and drawings certifying that a state registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) has made or reviewed them. Here’s why you may need these seals and calcs for your project...

Ways to utilize netting to make overhead conveyors safer

Overhead or ceiling-suspended conveyor is an excellent way to reclaim floor space. We have used this technique to allow operations of many kinds to get the conveyor in the air and allow for floor traffic to come & go without using gates or cross-over's. It is also safer, as foot traffic isn't at the same level as moving conveyors as often. It's great for the right operation.

However, when you move it into the air, conveyor can develop other safety concerns. Broken cases, small products or falling conveyor parts can drop from the conveyor into traffic areas below. Conveyor netting defends against that, and here are some ways to configure it, no matter how your conveyor is mounted...

Mobile weighing: getting it right means being able to weigh and count “on the spot”

In dynamic distribution environments, accurate, fast weighing, counting, and dimensioning systems are more important than ever. This is particularly true in 3PL’s and other operations where needs often change. Getting it right, and getting it quickly has become increasingly more important. One way is to utilize the newer mobile weighing systems on the market today...

Upcoming 2008 warehousing & logistics educational opportunities

Just a quick look at the continuing education opportunities that are available to you over the next few months. None of them are endorsed here, but we are passing along links for anyone who might find the topics of interest. It can be a very mixed bag, but there are times that just one point you carry out of an educational seminar can more than pay for the whole thing...