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November 2008 Material Handling Tips & Information Newsletter

 Hytrol is now shipping power units with EPAct-compliant, energy efficient motors.

These motors ship at no extra charge, and are really a significant upgrade. Besides the energy savings from EPAct compliance, these motors are invertor-duty from 15hz to 6hz. They also carry more warranty time - two-years, an extra year compared to the previous, standard duty motors. You don't have to spec it - it's the standard motor...


Intermingling New & Existing Pallet Rack Parts

In an operation with lots of racking, it isn't uncommon to replace an occasional upright or beam due to wear or damage, or add new bays onto an existing row. To save money, you'll sometimes want to mix & match older rack with new parts. If the rack was purchased years ago, by someone else, from a source you can't even locate, you might not even be able to identify the brand or supplier.

Here's a guide on when to do it and how to do it in the safest possible manner when you mingle rack components from different sources...

Utilizing Structural Racks in Selective Applications

You'll usually spec roll-form racks in selective applications. It's less expensive and easier to install. When would you use structural rack? Structural Pallet racks are built lots sturdier, with hot rolled c-channel, structural steel. Typically, heavier, structural stuff like Steel King's SK3000 Structural Rack is reserved for pushback, drive-in, or flow systems due to its solid steel, highly-rigid construction. But people use it in selective rack configurations.

So, when should you use structural in a selective application?

  • In areas where there is very heavy lift truck traffic or high throughput and many picks/loads
  • Anywhere a collision is more likely, due to its impact resistance
  • In freezers, coolers or other harsh environments
  • In areas where you want to intermix selective racks with pushback or other types, and maintain the same kind of rack style and appearance
  • For very heavy loads due to impressive upright and beam capacities

Cisco-Eagle to present at North Texas WERCouncil End of Year "Celebration and Education"

If you're in the North Texas area or can easily make the trip, you should attend the North Texas Warehousing Education and Resource Council "Celebration and Education" seminar on December 10, 2008 in Dallas at the Marriott DFW Airport North. It's an excellent day of networking, education and fun. Cisco-Eagle's Donald Prater is presenting at this session, on the topic "Cargill Excel Beef Case Study - Taking Order Fulfillment to the Next Level." (This case study has a really nice video you can watch on our site).

Eliminate Steps and Walktime from Your Picking, Replenishment, and Fulfillment Operation

Three areas - picking, packing and returns - take anywhere from 60% to 80% of labor costs in your typical distribution operation. 60% of the average pickers' time is spent walking. Not picking, not packing, not checking for quality and accuracy - walking. This is an activity that cannot really add value to your operation or to your customers, so you should strive to eliminate it whenever possible.

University of Arkansas RFID Center Utilizes new Testing Methods

Dmitriy Nesterkin, a graduate student employee of the University of Arkanas RFID Research Center, has recently developed a new test data management system for use in the Lab. His software application will allow test data to be stored and analyzed from within one system. Cisco-Eagle is a Strategic Sponsor of the University of Arkansas RFID Testing Center.