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September 2008 Material Handling Tips & Information Newsletter

A guide to straight conveyor transfers

This guide provides some quick tips to avoid snags, box tumbling, & hang-up's when you're transferring from one conveyor to another. Transfers are used to move a package from one conveyor to another, often in a longer line. Straight transfers are the most common type, used to connect individual conveyors in a longer line.

More pallet rack safety tips

Here are some tips we've picked up along the way when it comes to keeping pallet racks safe:

  • The majority of pallet rack structural failures result from just three sources
  • Know how the rack will be used when you spec it.
  • The corners and ends of the rack aisles are most susceptible to a direct lift truck hit - defend them
  • Rack accidents are also caused by improper installation & maintenance.
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Ten questions to ask yourself when you're considering a vertical reciprocating conveyor

A few months ago, we posted a Guide to Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (you might find it useful if you're looking at any application that moves a load up and down at least one level integrated with a shaft, mezzanine or other are). That guide includes the following questions, which you should be able to answer as you move ahead with your project.

Optimizing picking productivity in tight spaces

You know the Pareto concept - 80% of the productivity can come from 20% of the operation. That also applies to floor space in many warehouses and industrial operations.

One easy way to save space in your warehouse is to look for big, open spaces in your rack system. If you have pallet racks but not all of your inventory goes into full pallets, one quick way to save space is to use that rack space for higher productivity activities. Could you move each-pick or case-pick operations off of floor pallets or static shelving into flow storage embedded in your racks?