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June 2009 Material Handling Tips & Information Newsletter

Issue #66

White Paper: Conveyor Systems Implementation Considerations

We’ve been posting a series of brief conveyor white papers, and this is the latest. There are 5 online now, with others in development for future publication. You’ll always be able to download these PDF files from our site, and will be informed as there are new ones. We're featuring “Conveyor System Implementation Considerations” which focuses on two of the most important factors: ROI and sustainability.

Pipe Handling Conveyors

This specialty conveyor was utilized in an oil industry manufacturing operation. Due to space considerations in the facility, the client needed to locate pipe cutting operations outside. A conveyor that could handle heavy pipes easily and safely was needed. To accommodate a broad range of pipe diameters and lengths, a "trough" style conveyor with "bow tie" rollers was utilized. Pipes roll onto the conveyor from a storage rack. The saw operator reverses the pipe into the saw, cuts it to length, then conveys it out of the saw area and into the facility where a series of gravity conveyors take it to staging. For manufacturing and oil industry clients, these conveyors can add easier and safer handling of heavy pipe and tubing materials.

Steps to a Green Warehouse

The Material Handling Industry of America has posted a video that may be helpful if you are starting the process of “greening” your supply chain. We have it linked here, along with the 10 steps toward a green supply chain outlined in the video.

Configuring your industrial scissor lift

To specify a scissor lift, you have to understand several thing: What are you lifting? Is it stable on a level surface? Will its size fit on a standard platform? You should understand: what the load consists of, the weights of the load components, the load's center of gravity, since off-centered loads can reduce lift life dramatically if not properly handled. You also have to have a clear vision on how loads will be put on the lift, and how they will leave it.