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November 2009 Material Handling Tips & Information Newsletter

Issue #69

Get your Pushback Rack Load Right

Push back rack systems are excellent high density storage solutions — perhaps the most economical way to squeeze space out of a crowded warehouse. All loads are stored and retrieved from the same aisle. This reduces the number of aisles needed in a facility, freeing up more space for storage. Aisles can take a great deal of space up in a typical warehouse, so by implementing a pushback pallet rack system, you essentially swap selectivity for space. Push back rack systems provide a Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) inventory rotation, so you have to be certain your load fits. If it does, congratulations — you’ve just saved a lot of space. But there are issues that can arise when pushback rack is inappropriately specified or utilized...

More Conveyor White Papers

We just finished adding 3 new Conveyor White Papers, including helpful information on "Critical Product and Load Orientation," a "Picking, Packing and Loading Application Matrix," and "Sortation System Controls Comparisons" table. All of these documents are PDF files, and all of them open in new windows. They’re all single-page, designed for quick downloading and reading. Check them out.