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March 2010 Material Handling Tips & Information


A stacker that doesn't need to straddle the pallet

The Bishamon UniLift maneuvers like a pallet jack and lifts like a stacker. It is the only product available that can transport and lift a closed bottom pallet without straddling it. Slim design (just 36" wide) and maneuverability allow it to move easily through cumbersome and difficult spaces that a traditional stacker might find difficult to negotiate.

Video: How cluttered forklift aisles cost one company

Watch this video - here's a disaster that can happen if you have cluttered rack aisles. You can't always depend on the forklift driver to do the right thing, so creating a clean, unimpaired lane is vital to prevent these kinds of dangerous incidents. There are some other issues with this situation, but the main thing is that housekeeping and storage need to be done with the goal of safety in mind...

What do the best manufacturing companies in America have in common?

Many of these companies focus on eliminating errors and mistakes, engaging their workforce, and wisely utilizing technology. They rely on leaders who understand how true leadership permeates the fabric of organizations, and they constantly pursue improvements to their processes. They view employees as partners who can improve the business from 'grass roots' perspective. There are case studies on many companies linked from the main article, and plenty of food for thought on how you might apply these principles to your own organization.

Did Wood Pallets Cause the Tylenol Recall?

Johnson & Johnson, the maker of several over-the-counter drugs, including Tylenol, Motrin and Benadryl, announced a broad-based recall of these and other drugs after receiving complaints of an “unusual moldy, musty or mildew-like” odor. Complaints of issues including nausea, stomach pain, vomiting or diarrhea were reported to the company, forcing the recall.

The problem? Shipping pallets. Do you know where yours come from and how they're treated?

Horizontal Carousels: Why Top-Driven is Better

Supporting something from underneath makes sense. After all, trains, cars and most rolling objects are bottom-supported. Yet, the best-designed horizontal carousels in the world are top-supported units that outperform bottom-supported units in both speed and efficiency. How can that be? This piece details the reasons why, including speed, load sharing and leveling attributes.