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April 2010 Material Handling Tips & Information


CASE STUDY: University of Texas Utilizes VRC Vertical Lift for Moving Concourse

Lift Lets Band Come Marching In

VRCs are routinely installed to lift materials of varying sizes and weights in a wide range of industrial and commercial settings, including sports and performance venues. Never before, however, has a Pflow VRC been used to elevate a portion of a pedestrian thoroughfare to allow access for a monster bass drum. This was the challenge at the University of Texas Darrell K. Royal Stadium. Here's how it was met...

Using 24-Volt Power Rollers to Merge & Transfer (Video Included)

E24 Powered Roller Conveyor has become popular due to its advantages over conventional conveyor and motorized rollers. This quiet, energy-efficient conveyor fits the green concept that many operations are following, and can deliver exceptional flexibility, superb heat dissipation, and a robustness that cannot be achieved with motors embedded in conveyor rollers. Here are a couple of new ways to use 24 volt technology that can help you convey more effectively...

Warehouse Safety: Distracted Forklift Drivers

Don’t allow drivers to do anything but drive

If you’ve ever stopped at a traffic light and shuddered at the blabbering or texting teenage driver in the next lane, you probably thought this is an irresponsible person who shouldn’t be behind the wheel. Texters are about as impaired as drunk drivers, so it’s a real issue. But what about in the warehouse?

You wouldn't text in the car, but what kind of distractions do forklift drivers in your facility have? Are they drinking coffee, taking calls, text messaging, reading clipboards, or using MP3 players?

Screen out insects, pests, & airborne debris while maintaining air flow

Provide better ventilation and allow for more fresh air in your facility...

Video Included: Improve your facility air quality while keeping the dock door open in spring or summer months. Durable mesh doors help reduce cooling costs in warehouses, manufacturing plants, or distribution centers while blocking out pest and debris. Great for production facilities that can’t afford to have painted items or sensitive equipment marred by airborne debris or insects. These doors are great in the spring and early summertime, in particular if you want an open dock door, but need to protect operations like painting, finishing, or just want to cut down on mosquitoes.