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July 2010 Material Handling Tips & Information


Introducing AisleCop™ Forklift Safety Gate Systems

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The most dangerous thing in any given facility is the forklift.

About 100 workers are killed and another 20,000 are injured every year by forklifts in the U.S. alone, so safety is always a concern whenever forklifts and people operate in the same space - typical in most warehouses, shops, factories, distribution centers or lumber yards. AisleCop™ safety systems help control pedestrians in high-volume, low-visibility, blind, or other dangerous intersections between forklifts and people.

The system detects forklifts. If a forklift is in the aisle, its gates stay locked and pedestrians aren't allowed to cross. If the aisle is clear, audible and visual alarm systems are triggered and the gates open. Systems can be opened automatically or manually, and can consist of gates or gates plus boom arms that further increase visibility. Can be integrated with alarm systems, card readers, and high speed doors.

Solar Powered HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fans

The HVLS (high volume, low speed) fan is something of a revolution for facilities that aren't air conditioned - and even improve facilities that are climate controlled. They produce a cooler environment at lower energy usage. Newer fans are being introduced that up the ante. Voltaic solar powered fans cool exactly the same way that conventional fans do, but they are powered by the sun and consume no electrical power other than that. If you're interested in cooling your facility while reducing your carbon footprint, check them out.

Extenda conveyor belt pusher is an excellent choice where space is minimal, but the load requires 90-degree sortation

The construction of the Extenda Pusher lends itself to both speed and strength. The robust cylinders – stabilized by tandem aluminum guides – provide the power, while the lightweight aluminum pusher face enhances the speed.

How much difference is there in pallet rack frames?

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If you ask most people, the answer is "not much", in particular from people who haven't experienced the calamity a damaged rack can cause. Here's the reality: pallet rack isn't all the same. Some racks can hold up to abuse much better than others.

That's the dramatic point this video illustrates when 750 pounds is dropped onto rack frames. One is crushed (imagine a rack falling) and one is fine. How much difference? Quite a lot...

Clear Front Lockers Help Discourage Contraband

See what's inside your lockers...

Transparent-front lockers make it easier to inspect locker contents, discouraging contraband storage. In operations where locker storage is needed, but contents inspection is desirable, these lockers help increase safety and discourage pilferage (stolen items are sometimes stored inside lockers).

Single, double, and triple tier locker doors are constructed with a heavy-gauge steel and two clear door inserts per door. Six tier locker doors are fabricated with a high strength injection molded clear polycarbonate for unobstructed content viewing.