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August 2010 Material Handling Tips & Information


Don't Blame the Driver: Environmental Issues with Forklift Safety

A checklist for safer operation

Environmental factors like lighting, noise, aisle clutter, facility layout, pedestrian behavior, or floor composition contribute to about a quarter of all forklift accidents.

1% of factory accidents involve forklift trucks, but the forklift accidents produce 10% of the physical injuries. That’s an astonishing ratio, but not all that surprising given the nature of forklifts and the way they're used. Forklifts are dense, heavy-mass vehicles that frequently intermingle with people and equipment. When they collide with something – or someone – the results are devastating, even at low speeds. What can you do outside driver training to lessen the chances of an accident?

The Role of Pickers, Packers, and Line Workers in Keeping Conveyors in Optimum Working Condition

How to help your warehouse workers avoid conveyor downtime, spot trouble and avoid problems

Employees are the first line of defense when it comes to minimizing maintenance problems. Are you adequately preparing them to fulfill that role? Are they trained, equipped, and encouraged to help you prevent issues with conveyors and other equipment? Here are some simple ways to help your workers keep that conveyor operating at peak efficiency.

Video: Massive Locker Collapse

Proper installation is key - watch what can happen...

This video shows a "domino" collapse of lockers that were obviously not adequately bolted to the floor. While no one appears to have been hurt, it's easy to see how someone in a heavily loaded room full of lockers, shelving, or racks could be. 

Protect Cargo at the Shipping Docks

Your inventory is most vulnerable when it's awaiting put-away or shipment

Cargo is at its greatest risk when it’s being loaded and unloaded. It can be carted off while a driver’s attention is diverted. “Short” orders can be loaded, or loose cargo can be concealed for later removal. This time frame is particularly chaotic, involving people who are mostly concerned with getting the truck unloaded and away from the dock, not with security.