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When you need things done exactly the same way every time, robotics is the perfect choice

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Automated Industrial Vehicle
Automated Industrial Vehicle

Cisco-Eagle understands the value of robotics

Cisco-Eagle understands robotics. We know which processes they are best utilized for and which processes are better handled through machine automation or manually. We also understand the tendency to shy away from the initial cost of implementation and have come to know that ROI is remarkably fast in most cases. This rapid return on investment comes from the improved quality, accuracy, increased productivity, and speed capabilities gained through robotics. That is the key benefit of robotics - the ability to repeat an action millions of times with the same accuracy, speed, and quality each and every time.

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It's like bringing on new workers without the employee costs

Company owners are also often concerned about laying off workers with the addition of robotics. Cisco-Eagle has seen that in most cases, those workers are kept busy handling higher level jobs and that other positions open up because of the benefits gained through robotics. So, it's like gaining more employees without the worker's comp, taxes, health insurance and employer costs you typically face when adding more workers. Robots don't claim worker's comp, cost you employee taxes, need health insurance and other extraneous costs of having employee. One more way your investment is quickly returned.

Robotics may be the answer

If you have tedious, repetitive, or hazardous jobs in your processes, consider having a robot handle those tasks. You'll be saving yourself ergonomic injuries, safety issues or employee boredom. You already know that production goes down when any of those issues are faced by workers. Save yourself the trouble - get a robot.