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Span Tech Conveyor Brochures

Span Tech manufactures high-quality plastic chain conveyors

Span Tech Logo plastic chain conveyor

Span Tech's continuous curving, sanitary plastic chain conveyor systems are versatile and modular, capable of horizontal and vertical bends within one chain design. They can be combined and configured for near infinite possibilities. All listed  brochures are PDF files in various sizes, and free to download.

Product Brochures

icon CU 2-Curve Brochure 2-CU-Series_brochure_rev_small.pdf 4836 KB
icon CV Single Curve Brochure 3-CV-Series_brochure_rev_small.pdf 3183 KB
icon ID - Incline Brochure 5-ID-Series_brochure_rev_small.pdf 8558 KB
icon ST - Straight Conveyors Brochure 6-ST-Series_brochure_rev_small.pdf 8804 KB
icon VO - Vertical Offset Conveyors 7-VO-Series_brochure_rev_small.pdf 8498 KB
icon MCD - Low Profile Brochure MC300HD_brochure.pdf 7646 KB
icon MicroSpan Reference Sheet MicroSpan_Ref_Guide.pdf 3938 KB
icon MicroSpan Chain Catalog MicroSpanChain_email.pdf 3481 KB
icon SpanTech Conveyor Overview Catalog ProductOverviewBrochure_email.pdf 3180 KB
icon Topperlift Conveyor Brochure TopperLift_flyer.pdf 574 KB
icon WG - Wedge Conveyor Brochure WG-Series_brochure_small.pdf 1646 KB