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MHIA's AS/RS Product Section Releases First Industrial Carousel Safety Standard

Standards represent suggested design and performance testing criteria for manufacturers and users

Items are picked from Carousels

The standard, designated MH24.1: Safety Standard for Horizontal Carousel Material Handling and Associated Equipment, is not only the first for this working group, it is the first standard ever covering this popular and rapidly expanding material handling technology market.

Developed under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) canvass method and approved by ANSI as an American National Standard on January 21, 2005, MH24.1 represents suggested design practices and performance testing criteria for manufacturers, purchasers and users of horizontal carousels. This purpose of this Standard is to provide for safe operation and maintenance of carousel equipment by acting as a guide for carousel system design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance.

Accidents involving material handling equipment can be reduced or eliminated by following the safe practices advanced in ANSI approved standards.

MH24.1 is available via free download at the Standards link.