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Cisco-Eagle Customer Satisfaction Survey: Overview of 2004 Results

When you depend on a company to deliver the kind of material handling systems we do for you, it’s good to know its overall performance. This is the second time we’ve released our confidential customer satisfaction data—something few companies are willing to do.

These results cover surveys distributed between September 2003 and August 2004.

In the last year, a total of 1,605 Customer Satisfaction Surveys have been sent out with 209 responses received. No single person is surveyed more than once in a six month period. All orders over $1,000 were surveyed.

Each survey has the sales team identification and the survey number printed on the page in a bar code format so that this information can be scanned into our database. This allows our sales and implementation teams to gauge their individual performances.

Survey Results Summary

Questions 1-5 and 9 all receive a numbered rating from 1 to 5. If the percentage of the combined "4" and "5" ratings for a question is less than 80%, then it is noted as an area of concern. Scores of “1”, “2” and “3” are considered to be inadequate. We consider a neutral response to be a negative, since our goal is not to be average, but to exceed expectations.

These percentages reflect the percentage of respondents who graded our performance for the question involved as a 4 or 5.

In other words, this is the percentage of respondents who believed our performance was outstanding.

Questions rated at 90% or better:

1A) Courtesy & Friendliness 94.16%
1B) Ease of placing an order 91.97%
3D) Overall quality of products 92.65%
3F) Availability of literature and information 90.62

Question 6 asks if the customer would recommend us to others. 92.5% said they would.

Questions rated between 80% and 90%:

1C) Technical competence and problem solving 88.29%

2B) Meeting agreed upon delivery schedules 82.14%

2D) Correctness of order as delivered 83.63%

3B) Service, installation, and maintenance services 85.16%

3C) Product traceability and identification 83.96%

4A) Accuracy of invoices 83.22%

4B) Responsiveness to billing inquiries 86.69%

5A) Availability of order status information 83.54%

5B) Engineering/design capabilities 87.47%

5C) Sales representatives 83.56%

5D) Customer service/ordering by phone 88.31%

5E) Timely response to your needs 85.42%

5F) Overall satisfaction relative to competition 85.40%

9) What is your overall level of satisfaction with Cisco-Eagle’s performance? 88.52%

Questions rated less than an 80%:

2A) Time between placing an order and delivery 76.05%

2C) Notification of shipping delay, when necessary 75.13%

3A) Competitive pricing 72.24%

Other Questions

3E) Frequency of visits by your Cisco-Eagle sales representatives 77.58% (Note: The frequencies of visits for this question on the survey are rated as 1-5 and 0. 1 is considered too few visits, 3 is considered as an acceptable frequency, and 5 is considered too many visits. A score of zero is considered as not applicable.)

Question 7 asks which product the customer most frequently specifies. This data isn't currently available.

Question 8 asks if the customer is currently planning any projects in which we could be of assistance. 37.44% responded that this would be true. 59.11% responded that they would not.

Question 10 asks for what we should start, stop, or continue doing. These are written responses too numerous to reflect on this report.

If you have questions about our customer satisfaction survey process, please contact us