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MacroAir HVLS Fans Documents

High volume, low-speed fans: documents, brochures, installation instructions, spec sheets

Ideal ShieldFunction over flash™ This isn’t just a tagline, it’s the bone-deep philosophy that drives MacrAir's product engineers to constantly strive for perfection – from how your HVLS commercial or industrial ceiling fan is designed to how it operates.

MacroAir provides large, ceiling mounted HVLS (high volume, low speed) fans that help cool, heat, or destratify warehouses, barns, retail, athletic and other facilities.

MacroAir Brochures & Installation Instructions

icon Goedis Wilson Testimonial Testimonial_GeodisWilson.pdf 224 KB
icon Denali Brewing Testimonial Testimonial_DenaliBrewing.pdf 366 KB
icon CocaCola Testimonial Testimonial_CocaCola.pdf 106 KB
icon HVLS Survey Form HVLS_Survey_Form.pdf 80 KB
icon HVAC-HVLS Whitepaper HVAC-HVLS_Whitepaper.pdf 973 KB
icon Gearless Drive Whitepaper Gearless_Whitepaper1.pdf 234 KB
icon Gearless Drive Handout Gearless_Handout.pdf 794 KB
icon HVLS Full-Line Brochure Full_Line_Brochure.pdf 1291 KB
icon Field Inspection Form Field_Inspection_Form.pdf 116 KB
icon Developmental Advantages of AirVolution HVLS Fan Dev_Advantages_AVD_HVLS_Fan.pdf 1172 KB
icon HVLS Comparison Brochure Comparison_Brochure.pdf 486 KB
icon AirVolution HVLS Fan Spacing Chart AVD_Fan_Spacing_Chart.pdf 1676 KB
icon Model 780 Installation Manual AVD_550_780_Install_Manual.pdf 2583 KB
icon Model 780 Spec Sheet AVD780Specs.pdf 1095 KB
icon AirVolution D-3 Whitepaper AVD3_Whitepaper.pdf 318 KB
icon AirVolution D-3 Spec Sheet AVD3_Specs.pdf 402 KB
icon AirVolution D-3 Installation Manual w/ Simple Mounting AVD3_Install_Manual_w_Simple_Mnt.pdf 1935 KB
icon MacroAir 50,000-Hour Warranty AVD_50,000_Hr_Warranty.pdf 113 KB
icon MacroAir 12-Year Limited Warranty 12-Year_Ltd_Warranty.pdf 136 KB