Tulsa Gravity Flow Rack

Keep pick workers on task by delivering goods to the pick face

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Save your pick workers time and steps by bringing goods to the pick face through gravity fed carton flow. Whether pallet rack based or shelf based, carton flow keeps fulfillment going with more accurate picks, less fatigue and more ergonomic pick positions.

Find more product information at these Cisco-Eagle web pages:

  • Tulsa Pick Module Systems

    Learn about how setting up a pick module can help speed up the fulfillment process with high density storage, rapid inventory retrieval and fast delivery to the pick face.
  • Span Track Carton Flow

    Turn existing pallet rack into first-in, first-out carton flow to aid in split pallet picking. Simply remove pallets from floor level bays, adjust beam heights, and insert span track sections to create gravity feed bays.
  • Skatewheel Flow Rack

    When lane-less flow is desired, skatewheel flow rack provides an excellent flow bed for multiple sized cartons, cases and totes, as well as bulky products in a first-in, first-out process.
  • Flow Rail Gravity Rack

    Flow rail rack is a specially configured carton flow system to move product to the pick face. It comes with its own sturdy rack unit and rail track which can be spaced to flow cartons in specific lanes.
  • Column Flow Gravity Rack

    Present more cartons to the pick face neatly lined up in columns of like product with column flow rack. Great choice for lightweight cartons where more pick face is desired.
  • Flow Bed Carton Flow

    Convert floor level pallet rack bays into first-in, first-out flow rack by adding laneless wheel bed track. Perfect for multiple carton sizes being flowed.
  • Keneco Carton Flow

    Choose between roller or wheel bed carton flow in single tracks or entire flow levels from Keneco. Greatly aids in optimizing product flow throughput.
  • Tulsa Tilt Shelving

    Improve pick throughput while enhancing ergonomics for workers with tilted flow shelving with solid metal shelves and first-in, first-out inventory rotation.
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