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Video: Safety Considerations for Seegrid Vision Guided Vehicles

Safety sensors help these robotic pallet and tow trucks navigate warehouse traffic

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Seegrid vision guided vehicles (VGVs) deploy redundant sets of sensors and processors that help make its operation as safe as possible. Safety is hardwired into these “robotic” trucks, allowing them to navigate busy warehouse environments. They have five “pairs of eyes” for continuous 360° views. These sensors keep the VGV on course and aware of its surroundings in every direction. Onboard computers monitor for both navigation and safety, and have redundancy built in to stop the vehicles if there are obstructions. Vehicles utilize a patented light curtain that can detect objects as small as 2” high in its path. This sensor updates the central controller 50 times a second. Watch this video to see many of the safety features of the VGV system.