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Video: Seegrid Automated, Vision-Guided Tow Tractors

VGVs help industrial operations work more efficiently by reducing wasted travel and transport time

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The vision guided vehicle (VGV) GT10 tow tractor is deployed to pull trailers, trains, carts and dollies in many lean manufacturing or distribution applications. These automated tow tractors are idea for improving material flow for many types of loads up to 10,000 pounds. It eliminates wasted time by reducing internal transport time—instead of an employee towing carts to work cells, assembly areas or storage locations, the automated towing vehicle handles it. This eliminates non-value added functions and allows people to focus on valuable labor while it reduces the total number of manned forklifts in your facility. The Seegrid solution utilizes RideThruThenWork™ deployment with no infrastructure, facility modifications, or engineering resources. It requires no wires, no tape, no magnets—and no driver. As with all Seegrid products, it’s built with safety in mind—the GT10 tow tractor meets U.S. safety related standards when used as directed by properly trained personnel. Call us today for more information.