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Hytrol E24™ Conveyor: here’s why it’s a big deal

E24 motor boxIf you’ve paid attention to the trade magazines, to this website, or to Hytrol recently, you’ve seen cryptic references to something called “E24”. This week, it’s no longer a secret.

I got to see this conveyor up close a couple of months ago when it was in development at the Hytrol Technology Center, and was sworn to secrecy–which is hard when your job is to tell people about things. Hytrol wanted to have it under wraps until this month and to debut it at their distributor convention. We had the privilege of giving PackExpo attendees a sneak peak at the Cisco-Eagle booth this year, and we were doubly excited after seeing how people reacted to Hytrol’s innovation.


E24TM is basically a brushless, gearless, low RPM, high torque motor that is a much more effective way to drive rollers than traditional powered roller motors. The external motor provides exceptional flexibility, superb heat dissipation, and a robustness that cannot be achieved with motors embedded in conveyor rollers. And as you can see, it’s a very low profile motor that will fit on a regular conveyor rail. You can use it with 1-3/8″ rollers, which wasn’t possible before, and it’s going to dramatically reduce maintenance for many applications.

We have an informational page here with video and product data sheets. The video is really good and worth the 3 minutes it takes to watch.

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